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August 2023 Message From Pastor Mike: “A Prayer List for a Time Like This”

We live in a time of great anxiety, fear and confusion, so let me invite you to dedicate a few minutes each day this month to following the wisdom of Philippians 4:6. This verse instructs us: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

I hope you have already established a daily habit of listening to God’s voice from scripture and lifting up in prayer the needs of your family and church, but let me share a few ways we can join together in prayer this month.

Pray for yourself. Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit’s power and wisdom so you can honor
Jesus each day. Pray for God’s strength to replace your weakness and for God’s truth to overcome the world’s false and foolish ideas. Whatever challenges or worries you face, ask God to fill your heart with the peace and hope of Christ.

Pray for Broadway Covenant Church. Our church needs God’s provision and guidance, so ask Him to bless our fellowship and enable our mission. This is God’s church, and we gather here in Jesus’ name. Pray that God will move us forward in ways that honor Him and bless those around us.

Pray for the Evangelical Covenant Church. We are not alone in ministry. Our church belongs to a Christ-honoring denomination of over 800 churches, including several sister congregations in northern Illinois. Ask God to hold the Covenant together in unity of mission and friendship. Pray that Covenant leaders and pas-tors will be guided by the wisdom of God’s word so we can build churches that share the love and message of Jesus faithfully, lovingly and boldly.

Pray for the church in America. We are also connected to thousands of other Christ-honoring churches, places where Jesus’ name is proclaimed and God’s word is preached. Ask our Lord to bless and pro-tect His church. Ask Him to give His people strength to stand up for truth in the midst of a culture that is cyni-cal and spiritually lost. Pray for a new generation of pastors and church leaders who love Jesus and believe in the life-giving power of the Gospel.

Pray for Rockford. Our city has tremendous needs, and we believe God is able to provide what we need. Ask Him to send peace in place of violence, hope in place of fear, and wisdom in place of selfish ambi-tion. Pray for God’s wisdom and protection for city leaders, teachers, police, firefighters, health care workers, and all those who serve people in need in our community.
Pray for our nation. We are blessed to live in a free and prosperous land, but we know our country faces significant challenges. Ask God to bring peace to our civic discourse and for leaders who follow His wis-dom. Pray against the forces of division, hate and immorality. Pray for a return to kindness, decency and com-mon sense. Ask God to help our nation be good so we can spread goodness around the world.

Pray for God’s world. It’s a big place, and only God knows all that happens across the earth. This is God’s world, and He loves every person in it. Pray for peace. Pray against evils like war, terrorism, drug traf-ficking and the exploitation of children. Pray that God’s people will love our neighbors throughout the world.

Pray for Jesus to return. Our hope does not rest in the leaders or the wealth of this world. Our hope is in Christ and for His return at the end of the age. One day, God will set all things right. Pray for Jesus to come soon and for strength as we wait.


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