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Rockford Church Planting 2019

What? The Central Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church is led to start a church in the Rockford Area. Due to the Covenant presence and the growing diversity, it seems to be the proper time for this investment and unification of the local churches to grow and reach an underserved

Who? The church planting process searches for the right location, right people to plant and financial partnerships to facilitate planting a healthy and missional church. We currently have 5 couples in consideration for the Rockford Church plant. The decision has been made to start a Latina (Spanish speaking) church due to the large minority of Latinos/Hispanics in the area.

When? Since the new church planters most likely would have to relocate to Rockford, there will be a period of adjustment and getting to know the communities. We expect this period to be 3 to 6 months before a service starts. A group of 30 is required to start the weekly worship. Funds would start being allocated starting in June 2019.

How? This is a collaboration between the Evangelical Covenant Church, The Central Conference and the local churches of Rockford and the surrounding area. A third of the budget will be provided by each, which translates to $8333 per partnering church, per year. This is a three year

Additional considerations needed are love offerings dedicated to moving expenses, furniture, hospitality towards the new family, investment in the new church plant. Showing them around town, connecting them to people that can attend, serving in the launch team to make church happen, attending first services to serve or to support.

This has the potential to bring life into the church that is investing. This helps mobilize the church to serve outside the 4 walls and into a new demographic that is underserved. This also gives the congregation the opportunity to be generous in a specific missional way.

Why? Church planting is the best method of evangelism. We believe God is calling us to do this. This makes financial and ecclesiastic sense. This will cause a revival in Rockford if all the churches commit to pray, love and invest the new church plant.

How can you help? Pray, get involved, invest. God knows your heart and he will placed something specific in you if you ask.

Rev. Danny Martinez, Superintendent

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