Pastor Mike’s Blog for February 2020: Lessons We Are Learning from Vida Eterna

There are lots of reasons why hosting a church plant was a good idea for Broadway. When the Central Conference began talking seriously about planting an Hispanic church in the Rockford area, our Leadership Team quickly saw how Broadway could be an ideal host for the new church and how this partnership could also benefit Broadway’s ministry. Five months into … Read More

Mission Board Report for February 2020

This month we are praying for Fabio and John-na Muniz and their 2 daughters Sophia & Julia. They are living in Lyon France which is located in eastern France. They are involved in Cultural Fusion. This takes place when people of all different beliefs, cultures and languages get together to practice languages, play and sing music and support refugees and … Read More

Birthdays & Anniversaries for February 2020

Birthdays 5 Kent Drews Paula Rasanen 6 Joyce Ball 7 Kim Lape 9 Carrie Pretzer Keaton Price 10 Justin Holmertz Dan Schweitzer 11 Elena Cultra 13 Gary Ecklund Kathi Engstrom 15 Doug Swanson Lauren Leidahl 16 Al Damrose Andy Brown 17 Kelsey Ecklund Odin LeJeune 19 Nancy Norman 20 Jason Holmertz Roy Leidahl 24 Jeff Chapetta 28 David Holmertz Anniversaries … Read More

Women’s Fellowship for January 2020

Join with women from all over the Central Conference in Madison, Wiscon-sin on March 20 & 21 for Spring Celebration. The theme this year is 20/20 Vision – SEEING THE FAMILY OF GOD THRU HIS EYES! Galatians 3:28. The speaker is Marilyn Williams who is the new Director of Wom-en’s Initiatives of the ECC. Information about the workshops and registration … Read More

60 Plus for February 2020

Plan now to join 60 Plus at the Hoffman House for lunch, Tuesday, February 18th at 12:00 noon. (notice time change) Call Sue at church 815-399-9296 with your reservations by February 16th and let her know if you need a ride. Remember to invite others to join us.

Pastor Mike’s Blog for January 2020: Happy New Decade

Who would have thought we would make it this far? As we turn the calendar on another year, we also enter the 2020s, the third decade of the 21st century. Remember when Y2K had everyone worried? That was 20 years ago, and the world still spins on. I know I’m still relatively young, but where has the time gone? Of … Read More

Pastor Mike’s Blog for December: Treasures for the King

My family’s tradition is to wait until after Thanksgiving before we decorate for Christmas or start playing carols in our home. A month of Christmas celebration is plenty, and a shorter season makes it that much more special. However, as a pastor, I need to start thinking about and planning for Advent long before December. I typically plan my preaching … Read More

Pastor Mike’s Blog for November: A Season of Gratitude and Giving

The harvest season has long been a time to give thanks, to rejoice in the good things God has provided. From feasts of celebration in Old Testament times to today’s Thanksgiving meals with loved ones, times of abundance have always moved people with good hearts to express their gratitude to our gracious and generous God. In the same way, this … Read More

Church Plant Celebration!

I was born and raised in Guatemala City. I studied Business Administration during college, where I met my wife Patty, and we got married in 1997. God gave us two children despite the medical diagnosis that we could not have children. My oldest son Mario Josue studies communications in college and my youngest son Jonathan is in his first year … Read More

Pastor Mike’s Blog: Encouragement from the Letter of Joy

From time to time, we need to re-calibrate our hearts, to make sure our souls are still tuned in to God, to clear away the debris left by life’s storms, and to shake out the dust that settles in our minds as we live in a culture that so often rejects the good news of Jesus. In large part, that’s … Read More