December 2022 Message From Pastor Mike: “Christmas Promises Made and Kept”

What do we celebrate when we celebrate Christmas? Many people in our culture might say that Christmas is a celebration of winter or getting presents or having a few days off. They might celebrate the tradition itself, that happy feeling of waking up to surprises under the tree, like a celebration of nostalgia and sweet memories. In the church, we … Read More

Birthdays and Anniversaries for December

Birthdays 4 Carl EcklundEmily Lorbach6 Crystal Burdick13 Aidan Breese14 Brandon MelinRyan Melin17 Jill Page18 Mario Torres19 Christi Melin20 Nancy Ilgen21 Noelle Mirakian26 Noah Melin27 Shelby Holmertz28 Kay ForsenJeanine Parker Heck Anniversaries

Missions Board for December 2022

Merry Christmas from the Mission, Evangelism & Outreach Committee. This month please pray for Rock River Chaplains Association, Rockford Rescue Mission & Rock River Food Pantry. The purpose of Rock River Chaplains Association “is to help law enforcement and first responder personnel and their families. They attempt to meet the needs of all law enforcement and first responders right where … Read More

60 Plus for December – Thunder Bay

Join 60 Plus December 20th at 11:30 for lunchat Thunder Bay Grille, 7652 Potawatomi Trail.Following lunch, we will go to church for aChristmas carol sing-a-long followed by dessert. Please call yourreservations to Sue at church or let Karen Holmertz know by December18th. Be sure to tell them if you need a ride and remember toinvite others to join us. Be … Read More

October 2022 Message From Pastor Mike: “James and the Hard Way of Jesus”

This month I plan to preach through James, the short New Testament letter written by Jesus’ brother. James may be the hardest book in the Bible. Many people consider Leviticus, Isaiah and Revelation the most difficult books to read. Leviticus is tedious, Isaiah is obscure, and Revelation is tough to understand. James is hard in a different way. It’s short, … Read More