Pastor Mike’s Blog: Another Year of Generous and Joyful Giving

I recently completed my eighteenth year of pastoral ministry, having served three Covenant churches in three different conferences, including nearly six years here at Broadway. During this time, I have been amazed over and over by God’s goodness and by the faithfulness of His people. This faithfulness is expressed through worship, service and financial sacrifice, enabling the mission of Jesus … Read More

Birthdays & Anniversaries for February

Birthdays 5 Kent Drews Paula Rasanen 6 Joyce Ball 7 Kim Lape 9 Carrie Pretzer Keaton Price 10 Justin Holmertz Dan Schweitzer 11 Elena Cultra 13 Gary Ecklund Kathi Engstrom 15 Doug Swanson Lauren Leidahl 16 Al Damrose Andy Brown 17 Kelsey Ecklund Odin LeJeune 19 Nancy Norman 20 Jason Holmertz Roy Leidahl 24 Jeff Chapetta 28 David Holmertz Anniversaries … Read More

Women’s Ministries Events

Julie’s Project 2019 first tie date – Saturday 2/23 9:30 am at First Covenant Fellowship Hall (additional dates to be scheduled) Encourage – Central Conference Spring Celebration, March 15-16 at Batavia Covenant Church. Speaker is Lisa Orris, cost is $40. Watch for more information in the bulletin. No. Ill. District Spring Meeting – April 13, 9:15 am at Valley Covenant … Read More

60 Plus for February – Hoffman House

Plan now to join 60 Plus at the Hoffman House for lunch on February 19th at 12:00. (notice time change) Call Darlene 815-399-3902 with your res-ervations by February 17th and let her know if you need a ride. Remember to invite others to join us.

Mission Board Report for February

This month we are praying for Fabio and Johnna Muniz who are in France. They have just finished their language school and after a year and a half have a permanent home. Their “mission is to live out and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as cultural bridge builders to those who may not otherwise experience Jesus, those who may … Read More

Pastor Mike’s Blog: The Immerse Journey Continues

I have been impressed with the wide and deep participation of our church in Immerse: Messiah. Since September, well over half the church has read the New Testament and joined together for engaging and theo-logically challenging discussions on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. What a joy it is to read God’s word and allow the Spirit to form us individually … Read More

Pastor Mike’s Blog: Jesus Came for Us

During Advent, I will preach a sermon series called “Jesus Came for Us” about why Jesus came into the world and who He came to save. Of course, Jesus came into the world to save sinners, to rescue people like you and me who would be forever lost without God’s grace offered through Jesus Christ. Through the four Sundays of … Read More

Pastor Mike’s Blog: Thankful for the Blessings We Share

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am reminded that gratitude nourishes our souls and expressing thanks, espe-cially in public ways, brings honor to our Lord and edifies our brothers and sisters in faith. In other words, it’s good for us and it pleases God when we give thanks. We will take time as a congregation to express our gratitude during the … Read More

Men’s Bible Study

The Thursday morning Men’s Bible Study resumes September 6. Picking up from where we left off in the spring, Pastor Mike will lead the group through the second half of John. All men are encouraged to join us Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.

Pastor Mike’s Blog: What Happens in Your Soul

Sweet nectar pools deep in the heart of an angraecoid orchid, a flower so intricately designed that only one species of long-tongued moth can reach the nectar and thereby transfer the orchid’s pollen. Deep in the human heart dwells a soul, so wonderfully made that only its Creator can reach its depths and know perfectly the life it contains. Your … Read More