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Missions Board for January 2024

Happy New Year from the Mission, Outreach and Evangelism Committee. As we start the new year,
please pray for Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC) and One Body Collaboratives.“MARC has been operating since 1964 and its mission is to expand the reach of the Gospel in Alaska byflying people and supplies where there are no roads, support other missionaries and their aircraft, andtrainmissionary-minded pilots and mechanics. Alaska has unique ministry concerns and it’s the remotenature of the people they need to reach that necessitates their aviation ministry. Alaska is also a place ofpronounced spiritual and physical needs exaggerated by the isolation and harsh conditions.” Please prayfor safety as they deal with the unique challenges of flying in Alaska. Also pray that the Lord use theirministry to strengthen village churches and lead many people to faith in Jesus Christ. For more information see

“One Body Collaboratives’ mission is to mobilize, coordinate, and further develop church and community resources to rebuild lives and transform our community. They feel that if they could find away to mobilize and coordinate all the untapped resources in our faith community, including facilities, as well as the gifts and talents of congregation members across our city, we could meet every need in our community. Their vision is to make that a reality. One Body Collaboratives is a referral source only, providing referrals to community resources, such as agencies, social serves etc. The staff treat all individuals with dignity and respect and advocate for their callers to proactively find solutions to their needs.” Please pray for the people that One Body are serving, that their lives would be changed and they would feel the love of God. For more information see


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