Missions Board for November 2023

This month please pray for Covenant World Relief and Development. “CWRD works through local partners around the world to reduce human suffering for the most vulnerable people and support healthy communities. They have granted over $1.7 million for community development and disaster response within the last year. CWRD has funded 39 community development projects in 18 countries and sent additional re-sources to nine countries in response to 19 disasters. The ministry of CWRD connects churches to like minded organizations around the world, and transformation happens in the lives of thousands of people through skilled ministry of global partners.: An example of this is Hillcrest Covenant Church whose youth were in-spired to participate in Project Blue. “Project Blue is, an immersive experience designed to help participants learn about water needs in the majority world, including places like rural India where significant time is spent walking long distances to retrieve daily for water.” Hillcrest developed a relationship with a Covenant Church in India and are in regular communication with each other. They have continued to help support their ongoing water needs. For more information see covchurch.org/serve-globally/covenant-world-relief.

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