Missions Board for September 2023

This month please pray for Covenant Youth of Alaska (CYAK) and Rockford Police Chaplaincy. CYAK was formed in 1992 by Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska to respond to the high rates of suicide, teen pregnancy and sexual abuse. “Today CYAK is committed to the development of Youth Ministry in Alaska. They focus their ministry on students between the ages of 12 and 25. Their ministry ranges from running youth groups in a small village, equipping students for life with vocational training and Christian mentoring. CYAK’s goal is to keep youth and young adults within the “Continuum of Care.” Whatever stage the individ-uals are in they want them to be supported and challenged to growth. By the time they are 25 they want to see young adults transformed by the Gospel and leading their communities towards hope and health.” For more information see www.cyak.org.

Rockford Police Chaplains help families grieve a death whether natural or accidental. They also help police officers or fire fighters as they struggle with the tragedies of their jobs.

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