Mission Board Report for February 2020

This month we are praying for Fabio and John-na Muniz and their 2 daughters Sophia & Julia. They are living in Lyon France which is located in eastern France. They are involved in Cultural Fusion. This takes place when people of all different beliefs, cultures and languages get together to practice languages, play and sing music and support refugees and immigrants. It can be found in meetings that are international gatherings where people from different countries discuss sociology, psychology, history, science technology, current events, faith and spirituality. They currently lead several “meetup” groups where they are connecting with people of several different nationalities. In December they traveled back to Brazil to be with Fabio’s family where Johnna had surgery. The surgery went well, and they were able to spend time with Fabio’s family and friends.

Peter and Anna- Asia
Praise: They feel at peace about moving to a new country later this year.
Pray: Nathan who wants to be baptized, that the seeds planted in him would grow and spirit would guide him. Also pray for finances for new vehicle that will be needed when they move.