Mission Board Report for June

As we approach summer it is time to think about camping. The Covenant has 2 camps located in the Central Conference. Covenant Harbor is located
in Lake Geneva, WI. They have winter and summer camps. During the summer they serve over 2900 campers and their winter camps serve over
1000 students. Each camp experience is dedicated to reaching people for Christ and encourage students to love others. Covenant Point is located in
Iron River, MI. their mainland area is a 13 acrepeninsula on Hagerman Lake. Their “Back 40” Wilderness is largely undeveloped and is home to
their high and low rope courses, a tree house, 2 yurts that each sleep 8 and their Nature Center.

They have an 8 acre island 1 mile from the mainland and is a unique wilderness setting for youth campers. Children and adults from all backgrounds come together at both camps to grow in their faith in Jesus. The following are some comments about the camps: “I always meet Jesus at
camp” – a camper; “Our son came home with a desire to be a worship leader someday. He wants to read his bible everyday and work on personal
self-control. We see a difference in him” – camper’s parent; “Our kids got to be kids for a week . . . no worries or turmoil. They were listened
to and cared for in new ways. They learned about God and his love. They came home feeling successful for the first time in their lives.” –
Homeless Shelter Director.

We are also praying for Covenant Children’s Home in Princeton which now houses Freedom House. Freedom House’s mission is “ to provide compassionate, confidential free services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as awareness and prevention education in
their community.” They do this through domestic violence programs, equine-facilitated therapy and sexual violence programs.

Fabio and Johnna Muniz-France
Praise: They received their 5 year residence card.
God gave them strength and courage
when they were feeling weak and vulnerable.
Pray: Sophia would continue to make good
friends. Upcoming English social they are