Mission Board Report for March

This month we are praying for Peter and Ruth Dutton. They have been in the mission field since 1988 and have 2 grown children. Currently they
are serving in Thailand. Thailand has had Christian missionaries for more than 100 years but less than 1% of the population are Christians.

The Covenant Church is focusing on the Isaan community in the northeast part of Thailand. Peter & Ruth’s church was given a campground. They are
using this campground to spread the gospel and strengthen the church.

Their vision is to “sponsor camps and to open the use of their facilities to the work of the wider body of Christ in Thailand.” Soon after they decided this there were several groups who were interested in conducting a camp
on church planting and learning about the development and lessons learned from a new movement in central Thailand. Two months after those camps they learned from several groups that there were more than 25 new believers. In looking to the future, they would love to build more cabins and
sleeping space, finish off their large meeting hall and build a dormitory to house 100 kids during school breaks. Peter and Ruth also teach English As A Second Language at a school For the Performing Arts, which is a combination of High School and Junior College. They recently held an
ESL camp at their campground. Please pray for the future of their campground that they will play a pivotal role in seeing their part of Thailand reached.
Praise & Prayer
Peter and Anna:
Praise: That the people they are mentoring are
slowly changing.
Pray: For the director of their agency who has
been dealing with emotional stress. Also,
for the person leading the marriage seminar
and that it will be well attended.

Covenant Youth of Alaska:
Praise: For James who has served many roles
during his ministry in Alaska.
Pray: For the youth that are being mentored that
they would live their lives for Jesus.