Mission Board Report for February

This month we are praying for Fabio and Johnna Muniz who are in France. They have just finished their language school and after a year and a half have a permanent home. Their “mission is to live out and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as cultural bridge builders to those who may not otherwise experience Jesus, those who may need help from separating a relationship with Christ from religiosity”. They are working on starting Cultural Fusion in Lyon. “Cultural Fusion is what takes place when people of all different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and languages get together to practice lan-guages, play and sing music and support refugees and immigrants. It is a place where lonely people can meet new friends, people with similar interests can find companionship, and those who feel like they’re on the margins can find a place to call home. It can be found in meetings that are international gatherings where people from different countries can discuss sociology, psychology, history, science, technology, current events, spiritual-ity and the most fascinating and controversial per-son in history Jesus Christ. It can be experienced in cafes, homes, community centers and often involves music.” Please pray for Fabio & Johnna as they do all the prep work, laying foundation, for language and international groups (language study, forming relationships, preparing resources for foreigners moving there, places to volunteer to migrants and refugees and discerning what to say yes to during this important season).

Peter and Anna
Praise: Great Christmas and New Year with volunteers of their Family Service group.
Pray: For their family as they prepare to send their oldest son to boarding school for High School. For wisdom and understanding as they do their work during the current political times.

Alaska Christian College
Praise: With completion of Taikuu resi-dence hall they are now able to use other on cam-pus housing for 3 single moms and 2 married cou-ples.
Pray: Students to grow into their identity in Christ and see themselves as his children. Wis-dom and refreshment for Student Services Staff.