Mission Board News for November

This month please pray for Congo Technical Assistance. This ministry was started by Bob and Janet Thornbloom to help improve the lives of the people of Congo. Their son Marc now leads this ministry. Congo Technical Assistance works to improve infrastructures that will link villages to better markets and allow trucks to travel easily be-tween markets. They also help widows earn money by teaching them to sew and provide sewing ma-chines. Congo Technical Assistance helps support small repair shops to repair bicycles and vehicles as well as provide an area for charging cell phone batteries. They also train health technicians and provide treated mosquito nets that will kill the mosquitos. We have a church bank in the entry way for any donations for these projects.

The Covenant Church is also doing work in the Congo through a partnership with World Vision to sponsor children in Gemena and thus help improve the whole community. Through this partnership the community is developing and changing lives through clean water, education, health, agriculture, economic development and advocacy.

Covenant World Relief
We are again collecting coins and/or bills to help those in need throughout the world. Please pick up a label and cover for a can and fill this month We will be collecting these on November 25th. Or if you prefer you can write a check to Broadway Covenant Church and note Covenant World Mission.


Peter & Anna:
Praise: For good connections and overall refreshment at a recent retreat
Pray: For safety in their work and speedy
recovery for daughter who had surgery.

Fabio & Johnna Muniz- France

Praise: For their Brazilian babysitter, their bilingual church, their French school & friends
Pray: Managing schedules and better sleeping for Julia; quick language acquisition and a sense of belonging at school for Sophia and wisdom for Fabio and Johnna during this time of transition. Johnna & Fabio as they finish their language training.