Pastor Mike’s Blog: What Happens in Your Soul

Sweet nectar pools deep in the heart of an angraecoid orchid, a flower so intricately designed that only one species of long-tongued moth can reach the nectar and thereby transfer the orchid’s pollen. Deep in the human heart dwells a soul, so wonderfully made that only its Creator can reach its depths and know perfectly the life it contains. Your … Read More

Birthdays & Anniversaries for October

Birthdays 3 Eugene Peterson Maurie Anderson 5 Brian Lorbach 6 Kim Schweitzer Scott Seibold 7 Becky Bamberger 9 Darlene Pearson Steve Bamberger Beth Pasch 10 Lorna Bjurstrom Emma Parlapiano 12 Randy Price 14 Chris Alexander 16 Michelle Gasmund 17 Keith Holmertz 18 Janet Patterson 19 Jaxon Jones 20 Gloria Murbirigi 22 Carolyn Augenson Barbara Rehnberg Tyler Whitney McKenna Coates 23 … Read More

Children’s Sunday School

Sunday school resumed in September for all ages and our children’s class has an awesome group of volunteers equipped with a new curriculum entitled “How to be a SUPER HERO!” Bring your children or grandchildren and invite your neighbors & friends to join them upstairs on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

Women’s Ministries Fall Gathering

Our church is hosting the Fall Gathering of Women Ministries on Saturday, November 3. Registration is 9:15 am with breakfast at 9:30 am. Our speaker is Lori Johnson from RAASE (Rockford Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation). Rockford is a “gateway” city and as such is a hot spot for human trafficking. Come and hear what we all need to be aware … Read More

Youth for October

The Youth will be taking a trip to Edward’s Apple Orchard on Monday, (Columbus Day) October 8th at 1:30 p.m. They will also go kayaking at Rock Cut on Saturday, October 27th at 10:30 a.m. If you know any young people (grades 6-12) who would like to join us, please contact the church office, April Parker, Pastor Mike or Laura … Read More

Mission Board News for October

This month we are praying for KICY Radio Station located in Nome Alaska. Communication among the villages of Alaska is very difficult and many villages don’t have pastors. KICY provides Christian teaching to them. They are able to send the Gospel into places where other forms of media are not available. Besides broadcasting in Western Alaska, they also broadcast into … Read More

60 Plus for October

Plan to join 60 Plus for lunch October 16th at the Machine Shed, 11:30 a.m. Call your reservations to Darlene Pearson, 815-398-3902 by October 14th. Also let her know if you need a ride.

Pastor Mike’s Blog: We Don’t Do Faith Alone

Jesus asks a lot of His followers. Deny yourself. Take up your cross. Give to those in need. Pray for those who persecute you. Following Jesus leads to blessing, but it’s still hard. Love one another. Remain in Me. Forgive. Yes, Jesus asks a lot of us, but He doesn’t expect us to do it all on our own. In … Read More

Men’s Bible Study

The Thursday morning Men’s Bible Study resumes September 6. Picking up from where we left off in the spring, Pastor Mike will lead the group through the second half of John. All men are encouraged to join us Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.