Mission Board News for October

This month we are praying for KICY Radio Station located in Nome Alaska. Communication among the villages of Alaska is very difficult and many villages don’t have pastors. KICY provides Christian teaching to them. They are able to send the Gospel into places where other forms of media are not available. Besides broadcasting in Western Alaska, they also broadcast into Eastern Russia in their language. A pastor in Eastern Russia has received many calls about the positive impact KICY is having on their lives.

The staff of KICY are volunteers and they do a little bit of everything around the station: selecting music and write and produce commercials, public service announcements, promotional messages and God spots. They also travel to the villages to cover various events from church conferences to sporting events. KICY was able to replace hollow braces on their towers with solid steel angle iron braces providing necessary stability and longer life for the towers. They are praising God for great weather for 2 weeks that allowed the work to be done efficiently and for all who contributed to the project.

Peter & Anna
Praise: Safe travels and children had a great first week of school.
Praise: Doctor they found who will be able to treat their daughter.
Pray: Co workers will grow in faith and love
and be humble servants to the community.
Pray: They can get visas and residency permits
without any problems or delays.

Fabio & Johnna Muniz-France
Pray: for their family as they adjust to life in France and for Johnna & Fabio as they finish their language training.