Mission Board News for July

This month we are praying for Peter & Anna who are in Asia. They are now on home assignment but will be leaving to go back soon. They have been praying for a teacher for their school in Asia. God has answered their prayers in a young couple who have felt called to teach. After many disappoint-ments they have found the perfect teachers for their school. Please pray that the couple will get everything done and be able to be ready to teach by August. While they have been here in the US their newly adopted daughter has had surgery and been in a body cast. They were disappointed that she would not be able to go to school. But it turned out that with her lack of attention and language barrier her hour of one on one time with her teach-er each day helped her catch up and was what she needed. Please pray that she will regain muscle strength in her left leg and be able to bounce back in recovery. Also pray for their whole family as they prepare to return to Asia. Pray for them as they return back to their routine and culture and safe travel. Also pray for their mentoring group in Asia as they continue to serve their community.

Fabio and Johnna Muniz-FrancePray for them and their girls as they pre-pare to go to France. Pray for day care and lodging in Anneay, France and pray for a car they can use when they get there.

Peter & Ruth Dutton-Thailand
Pray for needed improvement in their Roi-Et Camp. Pray for completed chapel facility in Chiang Mai Campgrounds. And pray for their fam-ily in the U.S., their children and their families and Ruth’s parents.